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Pickup AFTER    4 pm, the rental period starts the following day.  
Pickup BEFORE 4 pm, the rental period starts SAME day.  
Returns are due back BEFORE 10AM the day following the last rental day.

              We are open 7 days a week.
                      Monday -Friday
                Hours: 8:30am to 10am   and  4pm to 6pm
                                 Sat & Sun
          Hours: 8:30am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm
                            (Or by appointment)                   

Deposit:  To ensure prompt returns of equipment, Returns AFTER 10am on
the day following the last rental day, the desposit will be used to pay the
additional days rental.

                               Our location:
           8805 Variel Ave., Unit 3, Canoga Park, California 91304
                           Text: 323-385-3456
                           If you are renting a Trailer Hitch Mount from us.
                                           Rental Safety Agreement:

    ***The Vehicle that will be used for with the Trailer Hitch Mount should be brought to us so that we can show you how to attach the mount correctly
    and safely.

    Although we provide safety cables that attach the Trailer hitch Mount and seat to the vehicle as well as provide a seat belt for the operator,   Production
    should provide a helmet and a safety harness for added protection for the camera operator.

  • The Trailer Hitch mount is NOT  intended for high speed driving.
  • Even at lower speeds 5 to 20 mph if there are potholes, uneven, bumpy surfaces, there is a potential for the vehicle's 2" trailer hitch to break loose and
    for the driver to lose control.   
  • A professional Driver should always be used.  
  • By renting the Trailer hitch mount you agree to the safety precautions listed and will not hold David Allen Grove Liable for any injury or damage to

Please check the box to the left if you have read and understood
the Trailer Hitch Safety agreement and agree that you will not
hold David Allen Grove or Camera liable for any
injuries that may occur or damage to any equipment that may occur
while using the Vehicle mount or rickshaw.   

We will send you a quote shortly.

Thank you!

  •   Full, Advanced payment plus deposit is required on all rentals.  
      After we receive this form we will give you a quote and a link to payment page

  •  Certificate of Insurance required:  
     PRIMARY Loss payee: David Allen Grove 8805 Variel Ave., Unit #3, Canoga Park, California
     Email COI to:
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    Our location: 8805 Variel Ave., Unit 3, Canoga Park, California 91304
    Text: 323-385-3456
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