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Klassen Vehicle Mount
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Advanced Payment + Security Deposit Required

Pay online with Credit or Debit Card.
*You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment.
Doughty clamp with eight possible mounting
angles facilitate easy mounting by a number
of different methods.

End block tilting, the Klassen Vehicle Mount
can tilt up to 40° to help you stay balanced.

Walter Klassen’s Vehicle Mount features:

  • Anodized aluminum components
  • End block with 40° of tilt
  • Mitchell Plate
  • Clamp facilitates mounting to standard 2″ aluminum pipe
Certificate of Insurance Required
PRIMARY Loss Payee:
David Allen Grove
8805 Variel Ave., #3 Canoga Park, California 91304

Advanced Payment + Deposit Required                  
Credit, Debit and Paypal payments accepted online.