Sophie Rickshaw
Steadicam Operated by - Kris Wlison
Sophie Rickshaw
Steadicam Operated by - Jon Beattie
HAPPY Music video
$250 Daily Rental  + DepositL
  • Steadicam Mount included.
    (GPIPRO/Tiffen Arms)
  • Non-removable hard  mount post
  • Hard Mount. (removable center post)
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Platform for walk-offs
  • Seat Belt
  • Steadicam Mount included. (GPIPRO/Tiffen Arms)
be mounted to nearly anything. The included Mitchell plate and
Doughty clamp with eight possible mounting angles facilitate easy
mounting by a number of different methods.

One of the only mounts available with end block tilting, Walter
Klassen’s Vehicle Mount can tilt up to 40° to help you stay balanced.


  • Anodized aluminum components
  • End block with 40° of tilt
  • Mitchell Plate
  • clamp facilitates mounting to standard 2″ aluminum pipe
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Click PayPal Logo to pay online.
    HOURS - Pickup/Returns Rental periods
Pickup: 3:30pm - 6pm, Rental period begins the following day.
BEFORE 3:30pm,  Rental starts the SAME day.
Returns are due back BEFORE 10am after the rental day.
Returns AFTER 10am add another days rental fee.
Steadicam ®  is a registered trademark of the TIFFEN® company is in, no way, affiliated with Steadicam or the Tiffen company
Rickshaw: the "Sophie"
Configuration: Steadicam Soft mount- walk-off
Steadicam Operator: TwoJay Dillon
The Rickshaw is IN the commercial at :06 in.
Steadicam Operator: Dave Chameides
The  Gore-Link handheld camera support allows you to:

  • achieve the look and feel of a handheld shot while keeping the
    camera off the shoulder.
  • have an up/down booming effect using your SteadicamTM arm
  • shoot from floor to eye level in one move
Steadicam Master Series Arm
  • No tools adjustment.
  • includes various size arm posts and an
    adaptor post for PRO Sleds upon request.
  • Quck rrelase pin Arm-to-Vest Connector
    to switch from regular to "goofy" in
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Click PayPal Logo to pay online.
$500 Rental
$500 Delivery + Support/SteadiCAB Driver


  • Electric Assist SteadiCAB
  • Required Driver/Tech (up to 10 hours. OT is
    extra. See for rates.
  • Free Delivery up to 30 miles from West Hills
    location. $1 per mile there after. Round trip
  • No Hills.---Flat smooth level streets required.
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Modified Electric Assist  Pedicab Rickshaw
  Weekday Hours
8:30–10AM, 3:30–6PM
8:30–10AM, 3:30–6PM
8:30–10AM, 3:30–6PM
8:30–10AM, 3:30–6PM
8:30–10AM, 3:30–6PM
  Weekend Hours
8:00am-10am, 3:30–6PM
8:00am-10am, 3:30–6PM
Please click here to review TERMS and RETURN TIMES prior to renting.

All Rentals require: Advanced Payment, Deposit, Certificate of Insurance,
This mount attaches to a 2" Square hitch.
The seat includes a seat belt.
6, 5,000 lbs capacity safety cables are included.

Helmet is not included but highly encouraged!

EXTREME care should be taken when using this mount.
Use a professional driver.
Prep is highly recommended to go over safety.
$250 Daily Rental  + Deposit