Internet Movie Data Base listing
Memberships and Organizations

Steadicam Operators Assocation  1994
Steadicam Operator                      1995
Steadicam Guild (co-founder)       2002
IATSE Local 600                          2002
Society of Camera Operators       2006
SOC Board of Governors             2007-2011
                                  2015- Present
Rental  Services:
  • Rickshaws w/steadicam vehicle mount $250/day
  • SteadiCAB, Driver and Delivery          $1,000/day
($500Driver 10 hours and $500/day Steadicab rental)
  • Klassen Vehicle Mount                          $60/day
  • Gorelink:                                                 $60/day
  • SLD Lens Motor                                    $50/day

  • Steadicam System. $1,000
  • 2 channel Wireless Focus / Zoom
  • Gore-link: Achieve the look and feel of a handheld
    shot while keeping the camera off the shoulder.
    Have an up and down booming effect using the
    steadicam arm shoot from floor to eye level in one
  • Modulus 2000 transmitter
  • 2 Rickshaws / vehicle mount options.
  • Klassen Vehicle mount
  • Electric Assisat Pedicab modified for Steadicam
    vehicle mount
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